Liza McCosh - Artist



McCosh, a professional artist specializing in innovative painting practice, has exhibited widely within Australia and also internationally. She has been short listed in many National Art Prizes, receiving several awards, grants and residencies from Arts funding bodies.  A Senior Lecturer in visual arts programs at Deakin University, McCosh further supports contemporary art practice through involvement on Regional Art Committees and community programs.  She is a graduate from Deakin University, with qualifications including a BA (Hons 1), MA (research) and a PhD.

Born in South West Victorian township of Koroit, McCosh has remained in the region throughout her life.  In 1989, while raising four children with her husband,  she began formal study as a full time student, rekindling an earlier interest for the arts.  Although trained in various aspects of the arts, her focus is directed to the practice of painting.  Her particular interest is in the sublime and the generative possibilities of painting, topics that her postgraduate research explored.  Her subject matter is derived from nature, in particular the elements of water, air, earth and fire and this is exemplified by the various bodies of work that McCosh has undertaken dealing with these themes. McCosh's studio is in the city of Warrnambool, a location that further supports her interest in nature.  Nestled at the end of the Great Ocean Road and in the midst of a dormant volcanic plain, Warrnambool is a city that highlights natures elements with its rugged coastlines, dramatic skyscapes and volcanic topography.

While McCosh has been a constant resident of South West Victoria, she has also travelled extensively throughout  the United Kingdom, Western Europe, New York, Canada, Alaska and New Zealand where she has conducted research relevant to her art.  

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